My Biking Playlist

While biking, I like to either sing to myself or treat myself to the pleasures of listening to music at the possible expense of draining my phone battery and getting stranded without a phone or map!! When I decide to live dangerously, here’s what I listen to.


Stop by Spice Girls  It’s sort of ironic because what I am trying to stop myself from doing is stopping.


king kunta

King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar I found and subsequently got into this song in the whitest way possible, that is, by seeing it on a list of NPR’s favorite songs of the decade. Now when I play it on my bike and pass people, I imagine they are surprised when the white girl they see doesn’t match who they expected when they heard this coming from behind them. Then I feel embarrassed and think about how no one is really paying that much attention to anyone else.



Sometimes by Heems Love the intro beat. Love the message. Love the lyrics. Wish the video didn’t use a woman as a literary device to signify “making it,” but when you just rap it to yourself while on a bike, you don’t have to see that, just think about it as you consider switching gears.



I’m Better Than Everybody by Lakutis ft. Kool AD What can I say that this song doesn’t say better? A modern classic. I have been known to chant the lyrics to this at boisterous parties, and what’s a more boisterous party than biking alone on the LA river?



California Love by Tupac Because I’m here now.



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