Biking in LA: Faster than anything else


xtown traffic

They didn’t provide a color key, so just guess who’s who

Ha! Los Angeles public radio staged a race between a car, a bicyclist, and public transportation, going crosstown from downtown to the beach during rush hour (which is a misnomer, as it lasts 24 hours). The results?

Car (including parking time): 70 minutes

Bus: 94 minutes

Bike: 65 minutes

The bike would have been even faster if he biked using the sidewalks like you’re not allowed to do I and everyone else I see on a bike does. If would have been slower, however, if someone else were biking. I’ve biked this path too, and while a lady never tells her pace, let’s just say it did not take me 65 minutes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.17.25 PM

The bike guy’s route. Not really sure about the 7 minute and 11 second difference between recorded and official times


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