Day 1: orientation in a fancy church in Jacksonville, FL

On 3ish hours of sleep, the bike and I set off for Florida by way of JFK. And we both made it, which I wasn’t necessarily convinced would happen. We traveled in a literal armada (a Nisan Armada) driven by a guy who had been in the army and now has 3 luxury cars and who said we shouldn’t raise the minimum wage because that isn’t fair to people who got degrees but since life is too expensive on low salaries, prices should just go down. 

And thus I arrived two hours late to orientation, crashing into the middle of a getting to know you game. Now, I have done A LOT of programs, so I know pretty much every ice breakin’ game in the book (also I’ve read the 1970s book on them). So I had a good old chuckle (who says chuckle?) at getting back to the icebreak game life. 

They did their job, though. We did a name game, in which you gave your name and an alliterative word and action. Then the next person in the circle would repeat everyone before’s word and name and did the action. My favorites were Nasty Nick, Notorious Natalie, Daaamn David (a la damn Daniel), Lipton ice tea Lucas, and the ones that were fun to watch everyone do, like the z formation snaps of Sassy Sarah. And now I know everyone’s names so long as they were on the earlier part of the circle and therefore got their names repeated the most. 

Then we had power points on power points (not like, about them, just a lot). One on days in the life by Jack, which included the gem, “you can be a crush dog, but you should also be a chalk dog” (translation: you can go super fast but you should also write helpful notes on the road with chalk for riders behind you). Another on safety = sexy by Rob, and a third on keeping it clean, dry, and free by Melissa, complete with graphic illustrations of what could happen to your skin if you don’t. 

Then they wanted to teach us rules so they used the pedagogical strategy of having us create skits about the rules. Stand out moment was definitely Alex as Mr. Safety: “What are you doing?!…wrong?”

Bed was at 11 for a 6 am wake up. Took me surprisingly long to fall asleep for how bone tired I was. 



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