Day 2: enter the bikes

6 am wake up to “cry me a river.” It felt like whoever picked the soundtrack had a little joke to play. Packed up for practice, then biscuit #1 of the summer, with an egg. As Jack says, “don’t be a breakfast defector.”

Broke into groups for bike maintenance review/first time learning but no names on who that was true for (me. It was true for me.) With lots of help I switched out the tires my bike came with for the hard core ones I bought. 

Then testing: an obstacle course with chalk drawings of roadkill and pedestrians, emergency braking, and looking behind you without wobbling. 

Falafel lunch then s h a k e d o w n ride. Got into groups of six for a 20 mile ride among the mansions of northern Florida, practicing communicating and biking on different types of roads. 

Drove to the YMCA for showers, then heard from a man who works for a nearby affordable housing (AH) organization. To him, housing is medicine: take someone who is unwell off the street and they automatically get 25% better. 

Everyone ate about a pound of pasta, chicken parm, and garlic bread in about a minute. Then Sarah gave back to back presentations on our role in the B+B mission and on affordable housing. 

We then headed out to paint the van that’ll carry our stuff all summer. Kelp and I picked up a frisbee and people joined us gradually until we had a full circle going with two frisbees. 

Bed around 11. As with the night before, Jack chose the exact moment I sat down to journal to shut off the lights, so gotta figure out a way to outsmart that for the future. 



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