Day 3: and Build

Drove over in the van to the Beaches Habitat site. Not sure if you get to just claim the name beaches because your town has beaches or if there’s a deeper meaning there, but that’s what it’s called. 

My crew did the most important job: cleaning up, because ego death. First we carried down all the heavy lumber and rods from the upstairs, then swept them. Then we piled up the lumber nearly and pried out any nails in them. Then we moved another pile of stuff. Finally we got put on constructing but it was too late for me, because I found my breaking point for heavy labor in 88 degree weather, and it is 2:30. Living in a post-2:30 world, anything I did was bonus. Katie and I had an adventure trying to hammer metal into metal, and it was a slow motion adventure because it was under post-2:30 conditions, as you can imagine. Then people starting nail gunning above our faces so we put in earplugs. Wearing earplugs really convinced me that I was invisible and inaudible and so I started singing wordlessly and loudly. Everyone enjoyed. Hammering is surprisingly arm heavy. We had two prayers at the build: one before we began and one before lunch. No prayer for snack. 

It started raining when we got back to the host church, so Zoe, David, Sarah and I ran outside and showered with the high water pressure of the drainpipe. 

Natalie of b+b hq gave us some bike mechanics lessons, donated moe’s mexican dinner, then we finished painting the van, bed. 





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