Day 4: it begins

First real day biking with a destination: St. Augustine, FL, oldest city in the US because the French and Spanish had a slaughter off here back when conquistadoring was still a thing. 

But first: ceremonial wheel dip in the Atlantic so we could bring novel microbes to the pacific. Learned the subtle art of getting both wheels to face forward while posing for a photo. Then continued biking through A1A with Alessandra, Sarah J, and Melissa. Biking was fun, but I’ve been training alone without a bike computer and it turns out my comfort pace is not quite that of others. Dedicating these first rides/weeks to get strong like ox.  

Lunch was a jawdroppingly swank setup: sandwich stuff and salad and La Croix and cake and a golden retriever and a hut porch like in those island resorts Carly has always wanted to go to. Our host started cycling at age 40 and is 60 now. She’s been fighting the rumble strips the government just installed on the route we took to her house because while lane drift is a problem, they dug them too deep and didn’t leave enough space in between so ironically they’re dangerous to cyclists. 

Rode the remaining 7 miles or so with Oli, Christina, and Luke to the youth house of another church. Set up sleep shop with Kevin on the altar ledge thing to sleep with stained glass Jesus looking over us. 

Took showers from a hose that definitely had not just sulfur in the source, but crushed up eggs just lining the tube. 

Kayla and I put off setting up our bike computers one more day and walked (a very small radial area) around the town, trying to Donation Magic (DM) the group some food. We discovered a real culture of hierarchy here, with everyone deferring to managers who weren’t there. Returned to lasagna and charter making, with ideas like be a playa, team and practice safe, sexy. Lucas ended up squishing everything into the acronym SPARE TIRES. It’s helping me to remember that I is for insta likes, so it’s working. 



One thought on “Day 4: it begins

  1. Mark Steckel says:

    I see you found another way to shower on this trip. Fill you water bottles, place them in racks on bike, and evert bike over your head!!! Brilliant. (or does one bottle conntain water and the other conditioner?)


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