Day 6: the party starts here

So, uh, all that stuff I wrote yesterday? Turns out my bike was broken. Today I did 77 miles at a totally normal pace with totally in shape normal people. It was hard in the way that biking more miles in one day than you ever have before in 90ish degrees is gonna be, but not any more than that. 

During the morning bike check, I asked Hilary to help show me exactly what you’re supposed to check with regards to your chain. While checking mine out, she discovered that my chain was dangerously close to my front derailleur, and called over Melissa to help with it. 

Really pushed myself to slam a solid breakfast. Hot dog bun French toast and egg frittata thing that I ate in biscuit #2. Took a pocket biscuit for laterz. 

The father of the Catholic Church we stayed at blessed us and our bikes with a prayer and holy water, and off I biked with Hilary, Jack, and Melissa.

We biked through the SOUTH, y’all. Forestry stands and Spanish moss and confederate flags and prisoners at work signs. Our route was pretty much a straight shot down a highway, but we found the best bike path, protected and shaded by trees. Jack and I talked about our #squadgoals about our individual squads, that is, selves. 

Lunch with a water gun ambush at mile 41, then rolled out with Melissa, Hillary, and Young Booouuh, who was celebrating his fake 21st birthday because Facebook decided it was today and wouldn’t let him change it. Hillary and Young Buuuhl both got flats super quickly. These miles really spoke to the importance of trees. You gotta keep them in the ground or life is hot and ugly. 

Finally we rolled in and WHAT A GOOD FEELING actually I don’t even know what it felt like in the real moment because I was too busy anticipating the feeling all day. Got in the back of a pickup truck to drive to a pool because how lucky are we 2 pools in 2 days. Weird shower without walls or the ability to power the water further than running down the wall, then church for taco salad and a tour of a Presbyterian sanctuary today. Gonna be an expert on denominations by the end of this summer. 

Tomorrow: 74 more miles. 



2 thoughts on “Day 6: the party starts here

  1. Mark Steckel says:

    Nice to hear that your stamina is okay but the bike was off! Dylan or Gandi was correct “Everything in life is a lesson….. “


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