Day 7: JoHo and Jenna’s big rain adventure 

Jack instated Twisty Tuesdays, in which every Tuesday we’ll assemble riding groups by picking numbers out of a bag and finding your match. I got 5, as did JoHo. JoHo did B&B P2S in 2013, and got strong. He’s weighed down his bike with five panniers because without them he’d be so fast it would be painful for him to keep pace with normal human people. Even with the bags, he has to adjust his cadence uncomfortably to not jet past everyone else. So that was an equal pairing! 

We crushed the day at 25 mph the whole way (we did not). JoHo graciously set a nice pace for me and let me lead at my pace as well. The roads were pretty nice, wide and open and bordered by farms and fields, and I concentrated on sprinting up the hills to make next week easy. Then the rain started up. 

It felt pretty great to break the heat, plus I just love rain and enjoy when things get over the top, unfixably grimy and busted– give me a color run, downpour, foam party, just make all my clothing unsalvageable and I’m having fun. Eventually we heard thunder so found cover in a business for a few minutes. Then we decided, eh and got back on the road. Got sprayed by the muddy water coming up from JoHo’s back wheel. We talked life and politics. 

Lunch was on the pavement in front of a Baptist church, then rode out again with JoHo, Sarah J., and Katie H. for a sunny ride. Got super tired around mile 65, but took a break and snack and felt 100% better. Chatted with Sarah about love languages and paying attention to people. Rolled into the campground soaked for dinner and bed in cabins with beds. Been sitting on this couch with Kevin for hours with people drifting in and out. Very tired. 



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