Day 9: Fit but you know it

Build Day 2. Wakeup remained at 6 am. The build site was smaller than our first, a few ranch homes that blended in well with the neighborhood.

Before I could find myself something to do, a staff member called me over to use power tools. Oli and I walked over to Mr. Ed, a 90-year-old former physics professor who ran “before the running revolution,” in the ’60s when he was 50. As he was explaining everything, I had the realization that I was falling asleep standing up and recalled the fine print in Benadryl commercials to not operate power tools while drowsy. When he said to me, “everyone wants to operate the jigsaw with the blade pointed down, but you get more power if you use it pointed up,” I took that and my vision of my split jugular as my cue to leave.

I retreated to yardwork, where the risks were minimal and the sun was hidden by the shadow of the roof. Katie S., Kayla, and I moved dirt around, raked, and laid down squares of grass until 3, leaving time.

I had heard rumors of a shower a walk away, so I made that pilgrimage with a group, discovering that it was 2 miles away and that they didn’t know about our arrangements and so charged us for normal pool and shower use. We swam a bit, then showered and returned to Bicycle House, where the executive director of an affordable housing organizations spoke to us. Then Scot, Bicycle House’s founder, started fitting people’s bikes to them. I hung around waiting for my turn and hoping that if I watched long enough I’d learn something. Since I’m not an aggressive person when it comes to lines, I ended up waiting for approximately ever to get to my bike. Scot moved the seat forward and up a bit and suggested I buy a shorter stem to bring my handlebars closer, but for my weird back pinch thing going on only said I should get people to give me sports massages, though unclear how I’m supposed to convince people to do that.

Finally I got to go to sleep. It was after 1. Woke up in the middle of the night with a cat curled above my head. Tried getting it away, but the most it was willing to compromise was squishing itself in between me and Kayla.


4 thoughts on “Day 9: Fit but you know it

  1. Mark Steckel says:

    must be a coomputer glitch—“soddin fit” is the title of the entry, but after clicking on it again it changes to “fit but you know it” ??????


    • jesteckelgmailcom says:

      It’s true. I changed my mind from using one British slang expression to a reference to a different British song. Most likely I’m the only person who will appreciate either, but this way I’m at least making a reference to an actual thing?


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