Day 13: the IT band department 

Yesterday, around the corner from the host, I felt a new pain in what I assumed was a tendon. This morning I got up, got ready, got breakfast, got on my bike for two miles, and got in pain there again. As today was supposed to be a quick 97 miles (hard cap on getting to the host by 5), it didn’t seem to be the day to push through, slow but steady. So I called the van and got on board. 

I’m not actually sure if IT band pain (Melissa’s diagnosis, apparently a common cycling injury) is the type of thing that you push through and are weak if you give into or is a serious condition you should take caution to avoid. Despite having one, I’m not a body expert, probably because mine doesn’t get simple problems frequently enough to give me practice solving them. So I decided to just precautionary principle it, as well as avoid biking 97 miles when my body would have been fatigued even if nothing weird hurt. 

Van life has been pretty noneventful. There are five of us in here but I’m basically on my own because a bike is taking up the row between me and everyone else. Since today was over 90 miles, we set up, waited out, and packed up two lunch stops. From people’s descriptions of today- headwinds, a never ending construction zone that spat dirt on them, a bike path made of bricks, did I mention the 97 miles?- I’m okay sitting this one out. Besides, your body needs rest even if you do moderate exercise and our schedule has us biking for a week straight. I’m just adjusting the schedule to what it should have been in the first place. At Lunch 1, Meegan suggested stretching by crossing my legs and bending the lower one to support the other. Bennett later texted me to say the same thing, so seems like a consensus.  



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