I biked 100 MILES. All in one day. And I crossed the state line from Florida into Alabama. I was responsible for this day’s group journal, so I will defer to that account, though it is written in a bit more of a fawning manner than regular readers may have come to expect from me.

Some me specifics:

  • I expected everything to be completely different when I crossed from Florida into Alabama. Nothing was. The state line crosses through a bar called Flora-bama, which Hilary told us moonlights as a church on Sunday morning. This is a fantastically efficient use of space as well as hilarious.
  • IT Band let it be known that it wanted to join the party around mile 30. IT Band, I miss the days when I didn’t even know you existed. I’m sorry I took you for granted.
  •  We took a ferry around mile 60 to get to Dauphin Island. While flipping over my bike to store it for the journey, I figured I could speed up the process to let the people behind me get to theirs faster if I took out my water bottle from its cage. I pulled it out and tossed it to the side of my bike to collect later, from where it promptly rolled through the hole that the ship designer apparently had decided to put there and into the Gulf. It was my weird gummy silicone bottle that wasn’t biking-useful but was just intriguing. The moral of this story is to never try to convenience other people because you might lose your belongings. Also to never trust boat architects.
  • A double hump bridge?! Who is doing these things???!!!!

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