Day 19: Our Only Day off Ever

I woke up at 8 am, at first afraid that it was too late and it would be hell getting up at 5 the next day, then remembered I had gone to bed at 4 and should get some more hours of sleep while I could, consistency be damned. Went back to bed until 10. 

Got in another randomly assembled Uber group to Cafe Du Monde. Katy told us that despite the long line, the restaurant doesn’t actually care how or when you get a table, so you can just saddle in and find an open one; the line is just an accidental tourist convention that snowballs every morning. The beignets were delicious, as fried dough is, and $2.75 for three pretty well-sized globs. Powdered sugar, though, is to their beignets as cream cheese is to New York’s bagel stores: they could put on 50% less and I’d still scrape some off. 

After that was a lot of moving in a group syndrome. No one had a plan, and we all followed each other to nowhere in particular. At one point some of us got into an Uber, and the app accidentally told the driver we wanted to go to the WWII museum. We did not. The driver was concerned for our wellbeing and jokingly offered to hang out with us all day to make sure we’d be okay. Kelly started bonking from not eating breakfast, so she, Kayla, Rob, Roy, Sarah W., and I immediately got ourselves into a pizzeria. I wasn’t too hungry, but there were salads on the menu and I figured I shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to eat a vegetable for once. Roy requested coloring so I asked the hostess for some crayons and paper and we all colored in the outlined pizza slices for Jack.

After lunch, we walked around Magazine Street for really only several minutes. Sarah, Kelly, and I bought New Orleans-y shirts (I got one with a patent illustration for po’ boys) while Rob and Roy accompanied Kayla to what is apparently her natural habitat, Whole Foods. Then we got word from Sarah J that a second line (a parade thing?) was happening, so we got in yet another car and arrived at some random street corner, confused by the non-parade we saw there. A small float, a brass band, and a truck playing competing hip hop. We walked with it for a few blocks, then gave up and walked two hot miles on a bike path, not following good bike precautions at all by clumping up the whole thing. We eventually returned to the French Quarter, where we were all incoherent, inconclusive messes from the long day and the heat. After wandering for a while more, a group of us went to get Cajun dinner. But not all at once. A first group went, then some people wavered until they decided to catch up to them, then finally Katy B and I decided to go too. I got a cup of gumbo and red beans and rice. Afterwards, we followed Katie S’s friend’s advice to “get takeout bread pudding from Muriel’s.” We weren’t sure why she specified takeout until we saw how nice a restaurant it was. Kayla, Katie S, Katy B, Kayla, and I shared three small slices of this heaven while standing waiting for our next Uber back to Camp Hope.



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