Day 21: This is the day that has no end

It just kept going on, my friends. (Immediately after typing this I walked around singing this song for about 3 minutes. I think Lucas thought I was losing it). The morning actually started out real sharp. It was a Twisted Tuesday and I got paired with Katie H., who is a real gusher (a girl who crushes). Katie has recently begun running after our rides to better prep for triathlons. She also has Triathlon Monthly magazine, which apparently exists and has enough stuff to say about triathlons every month that it can continue doing so. But I’ve ridden with Katie once before and found that she was great at keeping to a stable pace that wasn’t a thigh massacre, so I was okay with this arrangement.

We joined up with Alex and Rob and set off along pretty, farmland roads that twisted past homes and fields of monoculture. At every field I asked to everyone and no one what the crop was, but no one would even make up a semi-convincing answer. We biked in a square, with me and Rob following behind the other two. I forced Rob to chat with me despite his biking countenance, which helped the morning go by quickly an di


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