Day 32: Ooooooklahoma, where the head and tail winds come sweepin’ down the plains 

Rode out with Zoe and discussed meat, coops, and the ethics of dairy. Then it was time for our police escort across the Red River to cross into Oklahoma. We got into two lines and I aligned with Jack. Behind me, Melissa sang Sweet Home Oklahoma and I Believe I Can Fly. It was triumphant, transformative. Goodbye, Texas. We won’t see your stupid chipseal for a few days, at least. 
Oklahoma welcomed us with open plains, smooth roads, and a headwind. I ended up on my own, pushing through the wind until Bridget, Hilary, and Rob scooped me into their line and broke the wind for me. Then we turned a corner and my worst enemy transformed into my best friend: tailwind. 
We took photos on hay bales, Hilary making fun of us for our Connecticut interest in them (accidental CT ride!! Neither Bridget nor Rob have any particular CT pride either; I asked). I discovered that when you take jumping photos you should open your legs wider than I was initially just unafraid enough to do, and also that I might be allergic to hay as my body itched and blotched from sliding down the bale. “You look like you’re trying to be seductive,” Hilary told me as I curved my back around the hay bale Rob had just parkoured all over like a maniac to slide down safely. “Is it working?” For lunch I made the best lunch yet, a paleo friendly sandwich of guacamole and bacon on celery. 
Once in Lawton, OK, I joined a crew to walk to the mall to watch Me Before You. Christina had been plotting a chance to see it for weeks, and I found her passion to see this crappy rom dram infectious and compelling. I want to believe in something as strongly as Christina believed in the need to see this film. I also thought it’d be neat to sit down and get distracted for two hours. 
The film was pretty, and Four from Divergent was very pretty and the type of male protagonist who is handsome AND randomly wealthy AND also randomly not a dick AND interested in you, or in your movie stand in, at least. I find in real life you are probably going to get 2/4 at best, because any more and the first two will start working together to reverse the third. The author of the source novel adapted the screenplay, and you could see where character exposition and emotional buildup had been scrapped for speedy exposition. There were many, short scenes. Obviously I cried at the end. Then I walked into a metal box that was nailed at about 5’4″ up a telephone pole and got a bump on my head. Then I slammed my finger between two tables, and I really started crying. Dinner was taco salad, and Kayla asked JoHo to prom with a group dance to Jai Ho. 

I set up my conference table bed but the chairs were shaped such that there was a good amount of space in between each seat, so I had to adjust to get any essential joints and whatnot on a solid surface. Jack told me in the morning he had tried my bed creation style and found it very comfortable. This seat bed was a poor introduction. He hasn’t felt nothin’ yet. 



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