An Interlude: Daily Life. Or, Why This Blog Has Been Sparse As Of Late

Haven’t been writing much on here because I haven’t had the energy. We wake up at 5 am, have to get our bags out to the trailer by 5:30 (which means using anything you need in your bag before then), eat breakfast by 6:15, then route meeting. In between these milestone times there are rotating chore group tasks such as packing the trailer, filling the food and water coolers and packing into the van, cleaning the host site, and setting and packing up breakfast. You also have to get your bike out and pump up its tires, check its gears and brakes, and wipe off and lube the chain. 
Then you bike forever and that’s the only thing that matters. Then you reach the host from anytime from early afternoon on a short day (that feels like vacation) to 7:30 on a long one. Technically we are supposed to arrive at 4:30 on days with mileage below 90 and around 5:30 on days over 90. Arriving at the host is all I usually plan for for the entire day. I don’t go anywhere after that. Sometimes I reason I can do one thing, and that can be writing this or honestly I don’t remember what else I have ever done at night. On some nights people go out, and I try to go along because that’s experiencing the summer rather than just enduring it, but I keep an eye on the clock and say things to myself like, “if it’s a 7 minute walk there and another 7 back, I will stay for 7 minutes.” I always get to bed later than I intend to, because when you wake up at 5, every 15 minute conversation or 7 minute shower or 10 minutes repacking for tomorrow matters. 

Some days in the van I plug in and spit these out, but others I can just sit silently or talk or read. The other day I looked out the window, chatted, and read the PDF of Me Before You I found online and saved to my phone. 


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