Day 36: Our Only Day Off Ever, Part 2

Day off! No biking! Well, some insane people biked to the Palo Duro canyon, but I am the sane eye in a storm of crazy. Besides, it wasn’t that many people. 

I took my bike to the bike shop, where I found that I had a flat. I asked them to check up on it when they looked at my brakes and derailleur. I bought a Camelbak brand hydraulic reservoir to miscenegate my day bag: Osprey bag, Camelbak water pack. Walked over to a coffee shop and read Me Before You, then had hella inauthentic Thai food with a group before returning to the bike shop to find that they had decided to replace and sell me a new rear tire. So now I’m mixing up my tire brands as well as my bags: Armadillo business in the front, Gatorskin party in the back. Headed back to the church to lay about before heading over to an alum’s family’s house for melted cheese dinner (enchiladas) and ice cream. Did laundry at the church, then went to sleep.

What a raucous day off, y’all! 




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