You can donate and see my fundraising progress here! Thank you so much!!!

Since 2006, Bike & Build has donated over $4,908,824 and 160,000 build hours to affordable housing organizations. It’s been able to have this impact thanks to each rider raising $4,500. I would love your help in reaching this intimidating yet important goal. To sweeten the deal, I’m offering some Kickstarter-like incentives if you’re able to donate. Let’s make this interesting. Oh, and if there’s a prize not listed here that you’d like me to get to you, let’s see what we can do. We gotta whole lot of houses to sponsor. **For any amount, you can choose to substitute a lower tiered prize. 

Please make sure to let me know that you have donated, as well as your prize preferences!!! 

$1-$1,000,000 | Not to get all 2004 Oprah on you, but everyone who donates will receive a postcard from me while on the road. You know what this means: give me your mailing address, please. Another perk you get just by chipping in is the chance to be featured in Get To Know A Donor, a series here in which I will profile the amazing people supporting me in this cause.

$25 | I will paint/draw you a picture of a subject of your choice.

$55 | I will finally write and mail that letter to a government representative you’ve been meaning to get around to writing on that issue of your choice. However, I reserve the right to take a stance on the issue of my own choosing.

$75 | I will write a blog post here on a topic of your choice.

$100 | You can dare me to do something wacky and I’ll totally do it and document the experience, so long as it isn’t mean. Meanness subject to oversight by myself and my legal representative.

$125 | I will edit your resume and one cover letter.

$150 | I will consult with you on your online dating profile(s) and offer suggestions for photo choices, content, and writing style. I will also shop your profile around to people in your target demographic to get real user feedback you can act on. Alternatively, I will set you up on a date.

$200 | I’ll do a usability audit and test on your website or app, and offer my user experience design and content strategy suggestions.

$250 | I will edit your (grad) school app or another large piece of writing.

$500 | You get to invent your own prize category and I will do my best to get this thing, task, or project to you. Pending your suggesting non-impossible ideas.

$1,000 | Let’s hang out; you’re a hero.

Sponsor a State

Looking for something a bit more dramatic?  Sponsor a state!! You can do this by donating $1 for every mile I will be biking in 100 degree or so weather through that state. You won’t even have to smell me as I do it.

Sponsoring a state affords you the right to choose its new state slogan, design a new state flag, and change any state policies you might not like.* You will also feel a deep, sentimental connection to this state forever after. In addition, I will write you a super helpful, third grade-style report on your state. I realize some states are more expensive than others. You’re just going to have to draw your own political metaphor from that.

Check out my route here to see how these states stack up:

$561 | FLORIDA




$625 | TEXAS




$177 | UTAH

$378 | ARIZONA

$249 | NEVADA


*Jenna Steckel and Bike & Build are not responsible for any incomplete prizes due to circumstance beyond our control such as the US legal system